22 October 2018

Using Live Connect on Demand

One of the most important things in today's IT support world is remote access.  I mean, hardly anyone even knows what "rolling trucks" means nowadays, am I right? (Showing my age even saying that, I know.)

We all know that there's some way to get "there" ... but which way should we use?   Oh, and sure, this whole remote monitoring thing is great, but how do we get remote access to a device to install a remote monitoring agent that ... has our remote access service?!?

Hello, Chicken?
I'd like you to meet the Egg?

Enter: Live Connect on Demand

03 October 2018

Protracted Reboot

Sometimes it's nice to be nice ...

Yes, we can just plain old REBOOT a computer with a 5 minute timer.  Five minutes is more than enough time to save a file, then walk away and get a cup of coffee, take a bio-break, whatever -- right?

Wait -


25 September 2018

Halt MacOS update Mojave

Sometimes, speed isn't of the essence ...

Yes, OSx might be awesome because of the free upgrade to the latest and greatest.  But with any software, there's that might in the sentence. It might go sideways too.  So why don't we put a pin on that little bugger and wait until the more gullible in the world figure out if they just got hosed?

12 September 2018

Helping out Live Connect on end points

Ever have a machine that is online but trying to remote into it seems to show otherwise? What the heck is going on here?

It's a simple explanation: it does happen, but isn't really a bug.  Just a computer being a ... well, computer.

07 September 2018

BMS Workflow - Client-closed ticket

Did you know that little things can greatly empower your customers? Did you know they like that? Guess what, they do.  (Well, not him, but he's a little **&^*#@$*& anyway.)  Use the Workflow rules in Kaseya BMS to empower your customer by simply sending you an email.

Read on to find out more ...

04 September 2018

Monitor and manage Bitdefender devices

So you've integrated GravityZone ... 

Now what?

Bitdefender's integration comes with deployment scripts that are used in conjunction with your new module, but what about after that? Wouldn't it be nice if you could see if Bitdefender was installed on those devices without having to open your GravityZone dashboard? 

17 August 2018

MSPAssist Introduction

MSPAssist - a collection of tools to turbocharge your server management -  available for deployment through an Techs+Together customer / MyRMM dashboards.

One note: MSPAssist cannot be 'trialed' from Techs+Together due to the nature of its deployment. Contact Tech+Together for specific questions or an additional overview.

14 August 2018

GravityZone for Kaseya R95

Bitdefender Integration instructions*

This article assumes you have an account for both Kaseya and Bitdefender-GravityZone. And you are familiar with the Bitdefender GravityZone interface and the VSA dashboard. For more information, reach out to Techs+Together.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already configured Bitdefender Gravity Zone with your VSA account using a procedure method, please refer to the ADDENDUM for more information.

03 August 2018

Antivirus Agents don't report into Gravity Zone

Problem: There are many machines showing as un-managed, but the Bitdefender interface on the machine shows you are protected.