29 May 2019

Kaseya Agent Install in GPO Domains creation of a MSI file

Domain watch for Kaseya agent install has issues both in the deployment and scalability.

Here is an alternative option for deploying Kaseya through AD Group policy using a msi package file created with a free tool.

MSI Wrapper (free version) by https://www.exemsi.com/

  1. Download and install MSI wrapper
  2. Download the latest Kaseya Agent generic installer exe : KcsSetup.exe
  3. Unblock the executable:

  1. Run MSI Wrapper:

  1. Add the path to the Kaseya setup exe:

  1. Set to Windows Installer:

  1. Makeup your own Application ID and generate new upgrade code:

  1. Accept Defaults:

  1. Leave Blank:

  1. Add install arguments:  /e /c /g=v200.hybrid.acme /j /s
g= is the group in Kaseya agents will place themselves in when they check-in.
Add /v in VDI environments to reuse the computer account in Kaseya so duplicates are not created.

  1. Next, Next Build.

  1. Place the MSI into a network share with domain read only permissions to the new msi file.

  1. Create a new group policy in AD: Create a new package, browse to the share and select the new msi file.

Profit! You now have an automated way of pushing the Kaseya agent into an AD Domain without Domain Watch and vbs scripts

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