03 October 2018

Protracted Reboot

Sometimes it's nice to be nice ...

Yes, we can just plain old REBOOT a computer with a 5 minute timer.  Five minutes is more than enough time to save a file, then walk away and get a cup of coffee, take a bio-break, whatever -- right?

Wait -


There's a problem with that in that the end-user isn't a computer.  They're a person, and "wet-ware" doesn't always do the most logical thing, they do what they need to do or want to do at the time that they need or want to do it.

So why not give them an option?  Let them put a pause on the reboot and ask again later - wouldn't that be the nice thing to do? 

I say keep asking until they don't notice mind the computer rebooting - so how about this?

View of reboot procedure with options

As written, this will pop up a window telling the end-user that the IT guys want to reboot the computer. "Is that OK?" [Yes] [No]  
  • If they answer Yes, a prompt tells them the computer will reboot in one minute (with associated timer)
  • If they answer No, the procedure stops, and waits 30 minutes before running the next step
    The next step is to run this procedure (from the start)
  • If they don't answer the prompt within the timeout period (as written 3 minutes) then we'll assume they aren't actually sitting at the computer and won't mind if the computer reboots.  So it reboots immediately.
  • Of course, if no users are logged into the computer at the time the procedure runs, the computer immediately reboots just as a matter of course.

This type of procedure can add a nice touch to a patch remediation process by accommodating someone who may still be working when the deployment schedule begins.  (Alternately, it could allow an MSP to change the remediation/deployment schedule to a much earlier time of day.)

Sometimes it's just the little things ...

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