12 September 2018

Helping out Live Connect on end points

Ever have a machine that is online but trying to remote into it seems to show otherwise? What the heck is going on here?

It's a simple explanation: it does happen, but isn't really a bug.  Just a computer being a ... well, computer.

Sometimes programs running on a computer ... stop.  Even ones that automatically start when the computer starts up.  Sometimes it just happens.   Come on ... you know you've said that to a client and at the same time were secretly proud of your wizardry when you could restart it without the customer even seeing anything... That's what's happening here: there are 2 Services Kaseya uses:

  1. Kaseya Agent - This is the service Kaseya uses to check into the VSA server.  Process is AgentMon.exe.
  2. Kaseya Agent Endpoint - This service controls Live Connect on the client.

The 1st service can be running, thus the machine checking in and for all monitoring purposes is "Happy".  However the 2nd one can be stopped or hung, causing the condition you are seeing.  Machine reports online, but Live Connect says it's offline.

Here's a procedure to import into your dashboard to help kick start the Live Connect service if it isn't allowing a connection.

NOTE: This should be used on-demand only.  There should be no reason to have this in a scheduled Policy.

Alternately (or additionally) you could create a Monitor Set to automatically restart the service if it ever stops.

Click to view:

Import the Procedure under System -> Server Management -> Import Center.
That’s simple,isn’t it?

Thanks to Angela Sweet for originally sharing this procedure.

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  1. Just in case (may add to the body so people see it) ... you may check the if the end point's system time is correct before needing to run this procedure. An incorrect system time, while also causing problems with Windows security, can cause issues with our security and connectivity, too.