22 October 2018

Using Live Connect on Demand

One of the most important things in today's IT support world is remote access.  I mean, hardly anyone even knows what "rolling trucks" means nowadays, am I right? (Showing my age even saying that, I know.)

We all know that there's some way to get "there" ... but which way should we use?   Oh, and sure, this whole remote monitoring thing is great, but how do we get remote access to a device to install a remote monitoring agent that ... has our remote access service?!?

Hello, Chicken?
I'd like you to meet the Egg?

Enter: Live Connect on Demand

The Kaseya agent can be deployed pretty easily, as long as an end-user is present to do at least one installation (the "first one").  But not all end-users have the ability, or maybe the access to do it.  So, we like to get in and help.

Let's do this.

 Remember the first time you connected to an agent in Kaseya? It was so easy? First there was Quick Connect that showed all that information just by hovering over the icon.  Then in the toolbar was the button:  Remote Access!!(admit it, you heard the sound of angels singing - just for a second!) BOOM

Even better was the Live Connect button that connected you to that device without jumping into the middle of something you shouldn't see, or worse, something you didn't want to see.  Yeah, Larry knows what I'm talking about ... (shiver)

But when you click these buttons the first time, nothing really happened.  Oh, wait - that window in the middle - click here to download.  Gotcha; now I'm connected to a machine and everything is alright. (and no unexpected - unwanted - images searing into your brain).

Well, guess what?  You've installed a program (congratulations - & there was much rejoicing) - a program that can be useful outside your VSA dashboard.  It's the full-blown Kaseya Live Connect console. You'll find it in the usual place: the Windows Start Menu.  (Mac? Mac-what? Big Mac?  well, you'll figure it out)

Opening the application you've found presents a different interface you may not have seen before.  What do you do here?

Pretty simple: your credentials are your credentials.  Add the server and add your connectivity to VSA here!

Now you can LAUNCH the session; and up will come a list of devices that should look pretty familiar.  Heck, even the first column looks pretty familiar. Well, not as many pretty colors, but familiar nonetheless.

In the upper left-hand corner, you will notice an icon.  One, lonely, icon - there's no other icons next to this one:

There you go - click and you'll get all the information you need to remote into any device.  Even a place to add an email address to automatically have it emailed.  (According to the Live Connect On Demand Settings under the Agent menu).

Send it along, and the Live Connect interface will let you know when you're new device is installed and ready to connect to.

If you don't end up getting a new client for agent deployment, (I'm sorry) then you need not do anything because the (default) configuration will automatically uninstall the Live Connect software automatically.

But since you've now impressed this potential customer, I'm sure deployment of a full-blown agent will be coming forthwith!! Just a simple "sign on the line that is dotted" ...

Booya.  Next?

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